ONE WAY OFFERS between the Aladar Sail bases

The possibility of starting the cruise from a base and ending in the other, gives the chance to plan the itinerary in completely different way, and opens up new possibilities for exploration.
Here are the possible one-way offers without any extra cost :

  • Week 25/07-01/8
    HANSE 458 “BEA” one way from SCARLINO —> CANNIGIONE

Is possible arrange one way from Cannigione to Scarlino or Scarlino to Cannigione in every period, you will have to chekin one day later or one day before to have boat in one location and leave in the other. Expanse will be 200€.
Only one day will be lost.
Other one ways can be arranged with the agreement of two consecutive crews.

CONTACT US  for up-to-date availability or to suggest your journey.


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