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If you want to schedule the itinerary of your next cruise and therefore take a look at the nautical chart, you realize that there are so many wonderful places worth visiting…you have the embarrassment of choice! There are numerous islands to reach, dozens of destinations, hundreds of bays to visit, short and long routes, for family crews or more adventurous crews.

The center of Tuscany is an excellent starting point for your cruise; it’s like standing in front of a rich and inviting menu made up of a variety of delicious dishes to choose from, suitable for any taste and any need: for a family with children there is Elba Island just 14 miles away, ideal for short sailings with various stops in many wonderful places. Most adventurous crews can choose more challenging routes, such as reaching Bonifacio or Maddalena in less than one day of sailing.

What does the menu offer as a dessert?
Sailing to the north of Corsica, La Giraglia and the black beach of Nonza are reccommended.

Select the type of itinerary you want to plan and the duration, to have a look at examples of routes that best suit your needs.

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