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How to join Aladar Sail community

Follow these steps:

  1.  Follow us on our Facebook page
  2. Relax and take 10 pictures of your Aladar Sail experience
  3. Share your experience on your social profiles, tag us @AladarSailCharter and put in the caption #aladarsail
  4. At the end of your journey, after posting ten pictures you’ll get your Aladar Sail kit
  5. Keep in touch with us!

How to join our Aladar Sail VIP community

If you receive at least 100 likes on your pictures you will be eligible for special offers during the year and a nice surprise once you’ll be back in the harbor.

Don’t forget to sign the release and feel free to leave a review on our page.

Pictures by: Mario Merici,  Antonella Camuncoli‎, Gabriel Aliaj, Sara Doni, Vito Ficorilli, Giuliano Carraro

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